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  3. The value of Physiology

The value of Physiology

Physiology – the theoretical basis of medicine. Without a deep knowledge of the laws of cell activity, the values ​​of normal changes in its molecular structure, its metabolism with the environment, the laws of life of tissues and organs, the relationship of the human body and animals surrounding the outside world, the decisive role of the living conditions in the implementation of all of its functions can not be disclosure laws violations functions, disease prevention and treatment.

Disclosure laws of human physiology – a necessary condition for the increase in life expectancy, the rational organization of rehabilitation and facilitation of work and life, the discovery of new methods for preventing and treating diseases.
Preventive (prophylactic) and curative medicine, the fight against alcoholism, smoking is based on the knowledge of the normal functions of the human body and its organs in the conditions of work and healthy life. For example, knowledge of the physiology of labor can prevent fatigue, blood physiology – to organize a blood transfusion, and so on. D.

Human physiology – the basis of public (social) and personal hygiene, protection of mother and child health, school health, rational organization of labor, increasing productivity, job training and learning process in schools. Physiology Power provides practical knowledge for rational organization of social and individual power. Climate Physiology recommends a dosage of natural environmental factors. Aerospace Physiology Research justify maintaining the health of people in flight.

Education, from the earliest childhood, physically strong young generation with the harmonious development of physical and spiritual forces, labor education of young people and the promotion of all kinds of mass sports and physical training is based on practical use of the age of human physiology and the physiology of exercise and sport. Age physiology and human physiology, especially the nervous system and sense organs is the basis of the age and general psychology and pedagogy.

The physiology of farm animals, birds and fish is of great economic importance for the directed alteration of the behavior of farm animals and feeding them, to develop new valuable species, increasing the yield of meat, wool, enhance fertility, milk yield of cattle, fish farming, and so on. D. Physiology insect is of practical importance for the control of insect pests, breeding and maintenance of insects useful for agriculture, such as bees.