The barrier function of the liver

The liver not only separates the digestive juice – bile, but also performs an essential function of neutralization of toxic substances.

Due to the passage of whole blood from the digestive tract through the liver toxic breakdown products of proteins and toxic compounds formed in the intestines as a result of microbial activity after intake to the liver and neutralized it.
Toxic substances, such as, for example, indole, skatole, phenol, joined in the liver with sulfuric acid and glyukuropovoy acids and form little toxic acid ester.

Consequently, the synthesis in the liver, with a protective nature. This is the barrier function of the liver, which provides the body get rid of toxic metabolic products.

After most of the liver or after connection of the portal vein and inferior vena cava (ekovsky fistula) products suction flow directly into the general circulation. As a result, animals die quickly from poisoning toxic decomposition products of proteins, especially after eating meat, and breach of the urea. This fact was established in 1892, Pavlov, who perfected the operation NV Eck (1877) and together with the famous biochemist MV Nentsky study the chemical processes taking place in the liver.
After eating the meat of dogs with fistula gets tough ekkovskim nervous system disorders, seizures, convulsions, severe wasting and other symptoms of poisoning, leading to death.

Translation of animal meat to milk-bread regime leads to the cessation of the phenomena of poisoning.
From suck about 40% amino acid enters the blood into tissues where they are synthesized proteins specific for the organism. Other amino acids to the liver, in which a part of them into proteins synthesized and the other part is deaminated.

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