Isolation of pancreatic juice

In humans, dogs and pancreatic juice is separated or not separated almost in the absence of food and food stimuli.
Branch pancreatic juice begins 1 – 3 minutes after starting a meal. For every kind of food secreted by different amounts of juice containing a certain number of enzymes. Progress secretion and its duration are also characteristic of each kind of food.
Curves department pancreatic juice in dogs are similar to the curves of gastric juice.
This similarity depends on what mechanisms the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juices general, gastric juice and pancreatic juice ons department.

In humans, the separation of pancreatic juice, very similar to the separation of his dogs.
Branch human pancreatic juice during prolonged use fat food every day decreases and becomes 2.5 times less than in the meat food containing little fat.

Eating fatty foods increases levels of lipase, carbohydrate – amylase and protein – trypsin. In ruminants replacing hay silage increases the activity of trypsin and amylase.

Milk secretion causes juice rich all enzymes.
A person per day is allocated 1.5-2.0 dm3 pancreatic juice, the dog – 600-800 cm3 ruminants – 6-7 dm3 pigs – 8 dm3 and more. The rate of secretion in humans to 4.7 cm3 / min, and a dog – 2.3 cm3 / min.

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