The power of Ancient Egypt

The power of Ancient Egypt is developed and a large army, participated in many wars and conquests different areas. Repeatedly territory of ancient Egypt was attacked enemies, and within the state itself, and rebellion occurred internecine war.

All this required the formation of a powerful and well-trained army. We must not forget that the Egyptians themselves have sought to win as many foreign territories and to expand the boundaries of the state. Pharaohs was a need to strengthen not only the external power, but also its internal order to prevent popular uprisings.

The powerful army of ancient Egypt

In the army, created in ancient Egypt were troops who fought one or two weapons. There were infantry soldiers spears, bows, wooden shields, axes, maces and darts. Their bodies were covered with leather strips that hold the brass plates.

Before you engage in battles and wars, the Egyptians were severe school, which strengthens them as soldiers and hardened by all possible means.

Time greatest power in Egypt due to the liberation of the territory from all foreigners, and during this period there was a horse in Egypt.

With this in the army were established special units who fought in chariots. The very design of the chariot was easy, there are a warrior and charioteer.

Pharaoh had bodyguards, but more often they were mercenaries Nubia. Pharaohs led by the army during a battle or war. Being in a chariot, they performed in front of the troops, and they were followed by other chariots.

The chariot was forged foot soldiers, who were in front of only the most experienced soldiers. Over time, the Egyptians learned to storm the castle with the help of ladders and their own camp, they strengthened the fence and thoroughly mounds.

The conquest of the ancient Egyptians

Egyptians conquered the country Nubia – a territory where there were valuable gold mines. Pharaohs of the New Kingdom of Egypt, the authorities managed to subdue the Libyans, and he and his troops move into Asia.

In the first quarter of the 13th century BC armies of Pharaoh Ramses II fought a war with the kingdom of the Hittites. Troops powerful nations met in a great battle near the town of Kadesh, from every opponent was more than 20 thousand soldiers.

The battle was severe and destructive, Ramses II was almost captured. But then he decided that won, and it turned out that the Hittite king also considered.

Twenty years between these countries signed a peace treaty, the value of which shall prevail. After all, historians believe that it is the first international treaty of peace that has come to us.

During this period, which is called the New Kingdom, Ancient Egypt has turned into a great military power, the power that amazed and excited about other states.

In the realm of a host of slaves and valuable items, Egyptians collected tribute from the peoples, that they managed to win. It was gold, precious stones, copper, textiles, grain and livestock.

The power of culture of Ancient Egypt

About the power of ancient Egypt we learn thanks to writing, which left the Egyptian sages, as well as the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Five thousand years ago, that they invented characters that are designated as sacred signs. They are painted not only stones, but also papyrus.

Books of the ancient Egyptians considered the scrolls on which the sages recorded a lot of important information about the customs, religion and history of ancient Egypt.

Before we came, “Book of the Dead”, which tells about the power of the gods and the afterlife. On the scrolls discovered the image of the sky, maps, math skills and achievements of the Egyptian medicine.


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