The emergence of Homo sapiens

Human life on Earth appeared about 3.2 million. Years ago. Until now, humanity is not known reliably how human life is born. There are a number of theories that provide their own versions of the origin of man.

The most famous of these theories – it is a religious, biological and space. There is also an archaeological periodization of life of ancient people, which is based on the material from which at various times made tools.

Paleolithic – the appearance of the first man

The appearance of man linked to the Paleolithic era – the Stone Age (from the Greek “Palaios” – an ancient, “lithos” – stone). The first people to live in small herds, their economic activity was hunting and gathering. The only instrument of labor was a stone ax. Lang replaced the gestures, the man guided solely by their own instincts of self-preservation, and was in many ways similar to the animal.

In the late Paleolithic completed mental and physical formation of the modern man, Lat. Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens.

Features of Homo sapiens: anatomy, language, tools

Homo sapiens differs from its predecessors the ability to think abstractly and to express their thoughts in the form of articulate speech. Homo sapiens learned to build the first, although quite primitive dwellings.

Primitive man had a number of anatomical differences from Homo sapiens. Brain of the skull was significantly less than in the front. Since Homo sapiens were more mentally developed, it completely changes the structure of the skull: the front part is reduced, there is a flat forehead, chin protrusion appears. Hands of Homo sapiens is much shorter: in fact it is no longer necessary to be engaged in gathering, it is replaced by agriculture.

Homo sapiens significantly improving tools, they already exist more than 100 species. In place of the primitive stage comes already formed tribal community: Homo sapiens clearly defines their relatives among many people. Thanks to the ability to analyze, it begins to fill the surrounding objects and phenomena of spiritual sense – so are born the first religious beliefs.

Homo sapiens is not so much dependent on the nature: to replace hunting comes cattle, it can also grow their own vegetables and fruit, without resorting to collecting. Because the man was able to adapt to the environment and fight against natural disasters, its average life is increased by about 5 years.

Later, with the improvement of the instruments of labor, a man of understanding will create a class society, which speaks primarily about material superiority and the ability to create private property. Homo sapiens is inherent belief in the spirits of the dead ancestors, who allegedly helped and protected him.

Looking at the evolutionary development of the human soul encompasses admiration for his strength of will and ability to deal with various obstacles in its path. Due to this, people could not just come out of the cave, but also build their own modern skyscrapers, implemented in science and art, to completely subjugate nature.


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