Phoenicia – country seafarers

Phoenicia – this is one of the oldest of which was located on the Mediterranean coast, in what is now Syria, Israel and Lebanon. The population of the country was able to build a powerful civilization, which was based on maritime trade and craft.

Culture of ancient Phoenicia

Just a very high standard was developed by the culture and science of the ancient Phoenicians: they had their own alphabet, which was eventually taken over by the Greeks. The golden age of the Phoenician civilization dates back about 1 thousand. Up. BC

In ancient Phoenicia was not good fertile land, regular rainfall, due to the climate of the Mediterranean, also made it impossible to farm the Phoenicians. The only way for the country’s inhabitants became engaged moreplavatelstvom that greatly expand trade ties with other nations, and the abundance of forests allowing them to build their own ships.

The Phoenicians built a very strong court, which was not afraid of any storms or storm. It was the Phoenicians first modeled and built ships with a keel, fitted with paneling on the sides of the ship – is significantly increased their speed.

Also, their vessels are equipped with special compartments for the carriage of goods, which were located above the deck. Due to the strength of their ships Phoenicians had the opportunity to go out into the Atlantic Ocean, which at the time was not available to many Mediterranean mariners.

Marine Strategy Phoenicians hit his forethought: they built special bays along the coast, in the event of a storm the ships would be safe. With moreplavatelstva ancient Phoenicians were able to establish their colonies in places where ships could reach them.

One of the most famous cities colonized by Phoenician sailors, was Carthage, which eventually became the center of that obeys all the Phoenician city-colonies. Of course, the title of the best sailors in the time was identical rank the best traders.

The Phoenicians traded?

Phoenicians sold in other countries what their country was rich: it is primarily a tissue red (red paint Phoenicians learned to make clam thrown ashore by the storm), clear glass, produced by Phoenician craftsmen, wood cedars of Lebanon, grape wine and olive oil.

Come home Phoenician mariners also not empty-handed: in Egypt they bought grain and sheets of papyrus, Spain – silver and copper.

Also, the main product of the Phoenicians were slaves, which they bought in other countries and sold the house in order, that they were building new vessels. As slaves, shackled, they were used by Phoenician sailors rowing.

Sometimes seafarers Phoenicia did not hesitate to rob: how only provides an opportunity, they seized the ships of others and looted the small port town.

Forced from the sea by the Greeks

However, as a result of internal strife and a significant shortage of material for the building of new ships, the Phoenicians of trade and maritime affairs drove the Greeks, who also learned how to build stronger and better judgment.

But despite this, the Phoenicians managed to make a real revolution in the shipbuilding business at the time. They laid the foundations of the major shipbuilding, which were used until the 19th century when the sailing ships began to displace the first steamships.


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