Ancient Palestine

Nomadic tribes Semites came to the land of Canaan, which is on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, about three thousand years ago. These tribes called themselves the people of Israel or the Jews, meaning “come from across the river.”

It is known that the tribal alliances Jews consisted of twelve tribes that ruled the leaders called judges. Much of the history of that people can learn from the Bible, especially of the religious beliefs of the Jews.

They considered themselves the nation to which God himself has chosen and that the territory in which they came at the direction of our forefather Abraham was promised. This land was an ancient Palestine.

The legend of Samson

The Jews began to lead a sedentary life, build settlements and cities. But their peaceful existence was interrupted by the invasion of the Philistines. The Palestinian people had courageously fight for their land, one of the heroes of the war called Samson.

He was a mighty warrior, who fought bravely against the enemies, but it captivated a beautiful Philistine woman Delilah. She learned that Samson’s strength lies in her hair and told about it to the soldiers of his nation. Then they cut off the enemy hero’s hair and took him prisoner.

But soon the hair industry and using their mighty power, Samson tore the two pillars on which the temple was held in which the Philistines decided to make fun of him. Samson died with his enemies under the remains of the destroyed temple.

The first king of Israel is considered to Saul, who lived about a thousand years BC He won a lot of battles with the enemy, but was eventually killed by the Philistines with his sons.

King David – the establishment of Jerusalem

The story that became the next king, David, who was a shepherd, and became famous in his youth was able to defeat the giant. When the troops of the Philistines were trying to seize the land of the Jews, and was appointed a battle with them, the giant Goliath defied the inhabitants of Palestine.

And forty days young David decided to fight with Goliath, who used the stones as weapons. He was able to throw a stone in the head of Goliath, armed with sword, spear and shield, and defeated him.

Then the Philistines left the territory of Israel, struck by the fact that their leader was killed.

David was a talented and wise ruler who maintain peaceful relations with the neighboring ancient Phoenicia. Under his rule there were many people, who identified themselves as the kingdom of Israel. During the reign of David, it became the capital of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

King Solomon – the development of Palestine

The next king of Israel, Solomon, the youngest son, David. He provided a real world and the realm of spectacular prosperity.

In Israel began to import various items of luxury, precious stones, construction materials, and chariots, as the kingdom controlled the important trade routes through the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

With the flourishing economy of Israel, Solomon rebuilt Ierasulim made him rich and wonderful place. In the center of town was built a large temple, Jerusalem has become a repository of Jewish holy sites and its main religious center.

Solomon is known as one of the wisest men in the world, his wise decisions and parables still affect your mind and justice.

After his death the kingdom split into two parts – of Israel and Judah, who eventually became to fight among themselves. Jerusalem then became the capital of the kingdom of Judah.


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